Jam Tangan / Ladies Sport Watches

By :  Jam Tangan
For active people, men’s sport watches and ladies sport watches are a necessity, especially since the typical young people of this century are more dependent on cell phones for their time than on conventional wristwatches. So getting a sport timepiece built specifically to take the rigors of such things as backpacking, rock climbing, swimming, running, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing scuba diving and snowmobiling is important to the active person today. As in many other products, these timepieces come with different forms and features, along with various capabilities and prices. Having enough information can help a consumer make wise decisions.Jam Tangan

Ladies sport watches come in a rainbow of colors and begin and the almost ridiculously low price of three or four dollars. These are not well made timepieces, and they are only suited for light duty recreation such as jogging or perhaps non-competitive tennis. The lowest priced timepieces for activities are not suited for any contact with the water, and are not built to withstand the rigors of more contact driven sports such a rock climbing, kayaking, and mountain n biking. The blows that these inexpensive timepieces might experience in such sports might prove to be fatal to the watch in a short amount of time. As the price rises on each of these plastic and hard rubber timepieces, the more options they offer, such as a compass, thermometer, heart rate monitor, calorie counter and digital photo download.Jam Tangan

The inexpensive men’s sports watches for sale online have a more male friendly color scheme to them, often majoring in black, yellow, gold, green and camouflage. A number of these timepieces are battery powered, and a few are solar powered and offer many of the same options as the ladies sports watches such as compass, heart rate monitor and thermometer. They are in the seven to fifteen dollar price range and often have stainless steel backs and plastic fronts to house the inner workings. None of these watches would be suitable for high contact sports, but for backpacking or jogging the timepieces would be acceptable. These lowest priced models are also not suitable for water contact.

When beginning to think about the need for a shock resistant timepiece, there is the need to understand what the term means. Several companies selling men’s sport watches and ladies sports watches that are labeled shock resistant also add the caveat, “to ISO standards.” So what is the ISO standard for a watch being shock resistant? The standard is defined as the shock a watch would receive from a one meter fall onto a hardwood surface. Would that standard be enough for a rock climber’s watch to withstand breakage or damage? If that is the standard, then some particularly hard blows while climbing may affect even a watch that is labeled as shock resistant. The same might be true for a watch hitting a river rock during kayaking. But certainly, a person would want the watch labeled shock resistant as opposed to no label at all, if these sports were of interest.Jam Tangan

The term water resistant is a term that means one thing to foreign makers of timepieces and another to American timepiece makers. To foreign makers of men’s sport watches and ladies sport watches, water resistant means the watch passes non-destructive forms of testing for resistance to water. The American method is for testing means that under ordinary underwater use for short periods of time and with varying water pressures and temperatures, the watch is resistant to H2O. Some makers of these timepieces spell out that the watches are resistant up to seventy meters below the surface, but none of these models are designed for a diver to go down to greater depths and for greater lengths of time. Those watches have a whole other standard of waterproof to pass.Jam Tangan

The sport time pieces that are built for ISO shock resistant standards and American water resistant standards are going to be more expensive. Consider one from a numbers of men’s sport watches that can be purchased online. It the watch is described as having digital Swiss movement, digital compass, compass mode, pathfinder mode, timepiece locator/finder, titanium case and water resistant to one hundred and sixty five feet. The price of this timepiece is five hundred and fifty dollars. An example of the standouts in ladies sports watches is an amazing three hundred and fifty dollar timepiece that has the following features: A barometer, an altimeter, a digital compass, a day counter, sunrise and sunset times from four hundred ,locations, a memory log of activities, a four language menu, time in two zones, a stopwatch and an alarm with snooze.

Giving one of these timepieces to a spouse of friend that is especially suited for the sports which he or she enjoys is truly a gift wrapped in thoughtfulness. Imagine having a watch be able tell a rock climber how high the ascent has been so far, or being able to see the barometer warn of incoming weather quickly enough to get off a mountain. To give one of the really sharp ladies sport watches that enables a scuba diver to go down a hundred feet without fear of the watch breaking and be able to provide the time she has been under the water. These timepieces, whether expensive or just something to put on for that quick game of tennis can provide a sports minded individual with many hours of pleasure and helpful assistance.Jam Tangan


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