The 25th Anniversary of Guess Watch / Jam Tangan Guess

Jam Tangan Guess / Jam Tangan Fashion

With more than 1,113 Guess and Guess Accessory retail stores all over the world, Guess is well known all over the world for its innovative style and excellent quality. In recent years, Guess has been increasingly racy and appealing to a younger market.

In 2009, Guess has unveiled many series of fashionable ladies watches in memory of its 25th anniversary. One prominent feature is that a lot of modern elements have been added to design with the logo of Guess as its emphasis. The sexual design together with the emphasis on details have made the watches much more charming. All these styles are targeted at young women who are fond of adventures, and create a new image in the 21st century.
Many special elements are added to the dazzling 25th anniversary collections, making Guess a necessary watch to buy for many people. There are five different styles of Guess watches accompanied with different colors in celebration of the 25th anniversary. The common design that every watch shared is that the back is engraved with special design of the 25th anniversary. The traditional Guess mark and the triangular Guess logo accompanied by dazzling surface, crystal case and animal pattern have offered various choice for consumers to choose from.

Guess watches are always in the forefront of the fashion industry, and the 25th anniversary session has carry its heritage far away, bringing the superior quality as well as excellent design for female friends. If you are looking for a watch for yourself or for your female friends, Guess watch is really a good option.


Tips On Purchasing A Splendid Guess Watch / Jam Tangan Guess

Jam Tangan Guess/ Jam Tangan Fashion


It was not difficult to get a real watch two decades ago since people could have easy access to any reputable retailer in the streets and choose from the glittering arrays of watches. The prices were stabilized and you could rest assured that you would never come across fake Guess watches since creditworthy dealers were only engaged with real watches.

In current times, the situation changes totally. Replica watches are prevalent everywhere from the street corners to online stores, and most people tend to purchase designer watches from online stores rather than go to the retailing stores in the neighborhood. Complete attention and meticulous care should be employed in getting a real designer watch so as to not waste your hard earned money.

For instance, the following several tips should come into play while you are negotiating about a Guess watch. First, try to find a trustworthy dealer with a reputable history in business. Check the feedback of the buyer especially while you are buying online. Purchasing from buyer with admirable feedback can assure you the best value for your timepiece. Guess watch was first launched into the market by the Marciano Brothers who were skillful in manufacturing watches of excellence about 25 years ago. Guess watches are obtainable in various designs, making it the perfect choice to go with any kind of outfit. It is highly recommended that you should make sure that the style you are going to choose is listed in the official website of Guess watch, which would ensure you a real watch.

The watches offered by the brand are well known for their astronomical price tags too. Think twice before going into any negotiation if you come across any of these designer watches with a price that is too good to be true. Try to collect enough information before you get your new Guess watch.

Types of Watch Bracelets And Types of Watch Straps

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Watches are made from a wide variety of different materials. If you are buying a quality watch from a reputable dealer you will be able to tell what a watch is made from before you buy it. These details can normally be found on each different component; the watch strap or bracelet and the case back.  If you are buying online this information should be found in the product description.

Gold Watches

Gold is only used for luxury watches. There are two main reasons for this; firstly that gold is an expensive material, secondly that it is an extremely soft metal. Gold watches are dress watches, normally purchased for special occasions and are not suitable for everyday wear. One advantage to having a gold watch is that gold has an intrinsic value. If the watch can no longer be worn the gold still has a value according to its weight and the price of gold on any given day.

Gold Plated Watches

If you fancy a gold watch but want something more usable than a solid gold watch you can opt for a watch with a leather strap and gold case or a gold plated watch. Gold plated watches have the same lustrous colour as gold but come at a fraction of the price. New technology in this field means that instead of layering the gold on top of a base metal it is now infused into it (by a process known as Physical Vapour Deposition or P.V.D.). This results in a more even spread of colour and longer lasting cover.

Silver Watches

Silver is also a luxury item that retains its value. It is not as expensive or as soft as gold but is still a malleable substance which is why it is used so frequently in jewellery. Silver watches are more durable than gold watches but are more prone to tarnishing. Although this can be rectified by regular cleaning and taking good care of your watch.

Titanium Watches

Titanium is a lightweight and exceptionally durable material. It has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. Anything that is worn on the wrist is likely to take a lot of damage over it’s life, so titanium is an ideal material to make a watch out of.. The downside is that it is an expensive material compared to stainless steel, so the cost is often considered prohibitive by watch makers.

Stainless Steel Watches

Stainless Steel is the most common of all metals used in the construction of watches. It is strong, resistant to most forms of corrosion and does not easily stain. This combined with its distinctive bright colouring make it an ideal metal to use in watch making. It is commonly used for watch cases whatever the strap type and is a relatively cheap option.

Rubber/Resin Watches

Watches with resin straps are normally designed for serious outdoor use. They are really tough and have the advantage of being both lightweight and water resistant, protecting the delicate workings of the watch. Often childrens watches will have a strap made from resin for much the same reasons!

Leather Strap Watches

Leather is used to make watch straps because it is inexpensive, compared to the other products. It also allows for customisation. Leather can be dyed any colour. Due to the predominant use of buckles as a fastening, leather straps can be made one length and easily adjusted to fit a number of different sized wrists. The downside is that they are nowhere near as long lasting as metal straps and they can get stained fairly easily. Leather straps have the advantage of being made from a soft natural fabric, so most people find that they are comfortable to wear. Imitation leather is also available, these straps tend to be cheaper and less durable. Some people may find that they are allergic to them.

Webbing Strap Watches

Webbing straps are generally the cheapest of the straps on the market. They are commonly made from nylon. They are fairly durable and normally water resistant. They are often used for watches that are designed specifically for outdoor pursuits or for childrens watches.

Versace Watches

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Versace Watches
In 1994, Gianni Versace designed a limited edition collection of jewellery watches, springing from collaboration between the famous designer Franck Muller, who developed and produced the collection in Geneva. Versace is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and attention to detail, and this is reflected in their watch collection.

Swiss made, Italian Style
Attention to detail, passion and devotion are Versace’s most distinguishing features. The watch collections espouse the brand’s seduction, the precision of Swiss watch-making and the sophistication of Italian fine jewellery. They combine Swiss precision engineering with Italian style. Respect for tradition combine with a constant search for perfection and Versace stands out for its impassioned study of the meaning and use of symbols and of different materials and stones.Jam Tangan

The technological know-how of the Swiss watch-making tradition is a guarantee of quality and precision. The quality of every Versace watch is guaranteed by the ‘Swiss Made’ marking. Every chronograph is subject to strict controls and all products to rigorous tests. Versace watches offer exclusive designs for those who love to stand out.

The Spirit of Versace
Every watch is created to reflect the essential spirit of Versace. Versace’s use of precious and elegant jewels in their watches and accessories are significant of Versace style. The watch designs are also characterised by clean lines and traditional colours and designs such as Greek frets and the Medusa. In these watches, classical aesthetics meets the essence of the modern day world, creating a distinctively modern and seductive style.

Versace are constantly searching for precious, refined and innovative materials to use in their watches and jewellery. Diamonds and precious stones selected by expert gemmologist, high tech ceramic, 18 karat gold, anti-scratch sapphire crystal, especially selected premium leather are just some of the ingredients of the Versace product.Jam Tangan

All Versace products conform to UN Resolutions, the Kimberly Process and the Guarantee System. Versace buys diamonds exclusively from legitimate sources, because it believes in the importance of ethics.

Official stockists include Peter Burrowes; a London based contemporary Jewellers with a shop based on Edgware Road and an online store at. h***:// The company is renowned for its enviable selection of fashionable jewellery and watches. Peter Burrowes was founded in the 1930’s by the Russian watchmaker, Julian Lewis who’s principles and family run ethos continue to shape the firm more than seventy years later.

Peter Burrowes sell a wide range of fashion watches and jewellery from leading fashion brands such as Gucci watches, Tissot watches, Guess watches, DKNY watches and jewellery, Emporio Armani watches and jewellery, Calvin Klein CK watches and jewellery, Chronotech watches, DG watches, Diesel watches and jewellery, Gc watches, Hamilton watches, LTD watches, Michael Kors watches, Mondaine watches, Police watches, Rotary watches, TechnoMarine watches, Tissot watches, Wenger watches, Chanel watches and Burberry watches.Jam Tangan

Guess Watches History

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We all know the name Guess has a company that changed the way in which the world views denim jeans. When the Marciano brothers created their line of blue jeans, jeans were not just for the working class, but were worn by famous stars and the upper class all wanting to jump in on the trend in the 1970’s. Jeans were always considered casual dress until the Guess jeans made it to the stores. Guess fast became the name to know if you wanted to be in on the latest fads and fashions in the world. Jam Tangan

Of course, when Guess began creating watches, many people were leery just as they were when the first jeans came off the line. However, today Guess watches are considered to be top of the line fashion that are worn once again by the famous as well as men, women, tweens, and children across the world. Their unique styles and designs set them apart from other watch manufacturers; of course, Guess is in their own class, just as their wearers are noticed for being fashion conscience.

For anyone desiring to find that perfect watch that not only provides them with the functions they desire, but also shows off a unique style then they should look at the designer watches created by Guess. Jam Tangan

There are many different Guess designs when it comes to watches and all have their own unique style. You can purchase Guess watches with leather, rubber, silver, or stainless steel straps. Unique dial colors such as black, blue, bronze, brown, gold, silver, and white are available in different styles. Along with this, you can find strap colors to match any attire as well as ones offering crystal on the face to add a bit of class to your causal attire. Jam Tangan

Ladies Guess watches are not your ordinary as they stand out in a crowd. You will find a large variety of Guess watches that will enhance your entire look. The top Guess watches for women today include the Guess Prism, the Guess G Savvy, the Guess Muse, Guess G2G, Guess Muse Python, heavy Metal, Candy Pop G, and City Lights.

For the gents the top Guess watches include the Guess Overdrive, Power Broker, Newport, Rush, Tailored, Duce, Structure, Sprint, and the Guess Top Notch.

For designer watches, you will not believe the prices of the Guess watches. The prices of the Guess watches you can find online are only around £100 give or take a bit. Today, anyone can afford to wear designer watches at affordable prices and have the entire room watching you walk through the door.Jam Tangan

Wear these Watches catch the latest fashion

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Omega Watches:

As the society develops, buying replica Omega watches has become a trend in modern world. No matter you are walking in the street or surfing the internet, you are easy to find replica mens Omega watches. Since there are so many styles of them are available in the market, you are prone to be deceived and finally get those in bad quality. That would be a great shame after spending a certain amount of hardly owned money. Thus, it is of great importance for people to know about the differences of fake timepieces of good and bad quality.

Actually, it is very easy to spot the difference of the models sold on the street and displayed on the internet. What you need to do is to be patient and search enough website. Omega watches are crafted from high quality materials though they are not genuine. Top craftsmanship and the excellent performance add more charm to these timepieces. Some rich customers are fascinated by them at the first sight. Nowadays, they are not only the privilege of the ordinary people but also the favorite of the rich people. The trend has expanded globally.Jam Tangan

Various kinds of these replica timepieces are produced to meet the need of those people who are expecting authentic Omega watches sale with limited bank account. The websites online will regularly updated the new modes to catch the latest fashion. Every few weeks, new models will emerge into the market.

Guess Watches:

From a small Californian jeans company, Guess has evolved into a global lifestyle brand. In addition to its full collection of children, women and men’s apparel throughout the word, it has successfully established a fine reputation among its watch collections. During the 1980s, the brand was popular for its designer jeans. By 1984, it introduced the first line of Guess watches known as “Guess Steel”. Through the years, the classic “Guess Steel” watch is joined by an ever increasing number of designer watches, both for men and for women.Jam Tangan

In the spring of 2007, the brand introduced another exciting GC watch collection, which featured eye-catching designs and high-end prices. With the move of breaking the tradition of sticking with stainless steel material, its collaboration with Callanen International, the producer of ladies Guess watches, introduced gold, silver and diamonds among Guess timepieces. This even made the brand more competitive with other high-end watch brands.

Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Tag Heuer are Guess watches’ top competition. This competition actually served to the consumer’s benefit as it made guess consistent in pushing the envelope in creating fresh and trendy timepieces. With the modern collection, G by Guess, you will sure see more of the innovations in design and material selection found among Guess watches. Hence, with replica Guess watches, you get to enjoy a fine watch that is worth your style and an accessory to match your glamorously fun lifestyle.Jam Tangan

Gucci Watches:

Bear it in mind that replica watcheswill be slightly lighter than its real ones. The genuine counterparts come with Swiss movement and a crest logo on the back. One must beware of buying the fake stuff and look for proof purchase by identifying the serial numbers sales associate numbers in order to verify when and where was the watch purchased.

Most people might have heard about replica Gucci watches. How can you sport out whether the watch you are purchasing is authentic or not? In this write up, we will talk several tips that will be helpful in your purchasing an authentic watch.Jam Tangan

A lot of watch dealers are tightening their sashes to provide many products for people all over the globe such as Gucci watches, belts, sunglasses, etc. But when it comes to the watches of the company, you need to act like a smart buyer. This is because it is very tricky to distinguish a replica watch of a brand like this from a real one. So, what all you need to check before buying a watch?

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Guess Watches – 25 Years Old!

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Guess was quite possibly the brand that really made the number one wardrobe staple item – the ever faithful jeans, as popular as they are today. When the Marciano brothers launched their line of blue jeans, the idea of wearing jeans suddenly became more glamorous and consequently became a huge trend that has stuck. Before Guess launched these blue jeans, denim was always regarded as simple daytime work wear and not at all perceived as stylish or sexy. When the Guess jeans hit the shelves and the celebrities were rarely seen without a pair, this was all about to change.Jam Tangan

Therefore when Guess extended its product lines and launched its range of Guess watches, the reaction though perhaps not quite so overwhelming was very similar and the new accessory soon became the hot item to own. Guess watches are considered to be highly stylish and the numerous designs available are worn by celebrities all over the globe as the brand’s unique and sexy styles allow them to differ from other labels. The typical wearer of Guess is said to be the type of person who likes to look great and is fashion savvy but by the same token has the ability to set their own unique style.

Guess Watches – Celebrating 25 Year Birthday

Guess watches are now 25 years old, and eager to celebrate in style, the brand has marked this special year by launching four new timepiece styles which are sure to be loved and desired by the existing fans of the brand as well as reaching out to a wider audience. Guess also got into the party spirit by putting on a party in a number of shops and department stores whereby shoppers were treated to birthday cakes, cookies and even goodie bags. Some lucky customers may have even received a Guess watch in their goody bag. The celebration watches all cost under £110 making them budget friendly and are designed in typical Guess style featuring diamante-studded dials and a range of colourful leather straps. The watches are limited edition and thus special engravings have been etched onto the back of the watches making them future collector’s items.  In addition to a new range of Guess watches, the brand also launched a new collection of fragrances.

Guess Watches – Listening to the Consumer

Back in June this year (2009), Guess presented at the Fashion Piper Jaffray Annual Consumer Conference in New York which featured a panel comprised of teenagers. These teens were students who throughout the conference discussed a range of topics relating to the teen market including the latest trends in electronics, food, clothing and accessories. Using this first hand insight from their target consumer, Guess can then take any feedback, suggestions, needs and wants and incorporate this into their future designs. Listening to what your potential customers want from your band is essential in creating the right products and conferences such as this allow brands such as Guess to get their product and marketing strategies just right and thus boost sales.

Guess watches are a great way of accessorising your look with a beautiful edge. The brand is super glamorous but has a reasonable price tag, allowing slightly younger customers to enjoy the Guess style. With many different styles available ranging from classic to dressy and everything in between, Guess watches also incorporate a hint of bling making them look wonderfully sexy, fun and stylish.

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